Our mission is to introduce vets to their best friends. 

“I rescued her and she rescued me. She sensed my kidney cancer two months before I was diagnosed.  She just kept sniffing at my side – she knew something was wrong. She is my sanity. After my worst day, she crawls up beside me and I’m better.”

Danny Hallman

-Raised by Grandma, dirt poor; rural Virginia; at16, given Littlebit, a Jack Russel Terrier.

-His dogs - Ava, red nose pitbulls, Zeus and Dixie.

“My dogs are as perceptive as humans. I work with problem dogs.  They need to express themselves.  Suppression is awful.  You want the best qualities to come out – not suppress them.”

Dan Ziehm

- Helicopter pilot in Viet Nam. Attended undergraduate and graduate school and is an addictions therapist. Worked as an ambulance pilot in Virginia and Utah. The bloody crashes brought on his PTSD.

- 3 Boston Terriers, 2 rescues, Veteran and Volunteer